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"The Model"
"Das Model"
From The Man-Machine
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1977-1978
Length 3:38
Genre Synthpop
Single release
Format 7" vinyl, 12" vinyl
A-side Das Model (Germany)
The Model (UK)
B-side Neonlight (Germany)
Computer World (UK)
Released September 1978 (DE)
December 1981 (UK)
The Man-Machine
track listing
  1. "The Robots"
  2. "Spacelab"
  3. "Metropolis"
  4. "The Model"
  5. "Neon Lights"
  6. "The Man-Machine"

Lyrics (en - de)

"Das Model" (spelling on album: "Das Modell"; English version title "The Model") is a song from Kraftwerk album The Man-Machine. The song was released in September 1978 in Germany and in December 1981 in the United Kingdom. It's written by musicians Ralf Hütter and Karl Bartos, with artist Emil Schult collaborating on the lyrics.

First released as a 7" single in Germany (B-side: "Neonlicht"), under its English translation the song was eventually included on the B-side of the "Computer Love" single released in 1981, which reached no. 36 in the UK charts. When radio DJs started playing the B-side, EMI re-issued the single in 1981—apparently against the band's wishes—with "The Model" as the A-side. It reached no. 1 in February 1982 and spent a total of 21 weeks in the top 75 of the UK Singles Chart.