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"Sex Object"
"Sex Objekt"
From Electric Café
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1982-1986
Length 6:51:40
Genre Electronic
Single release
Released 2021
Electric Café
track listing
  1. "Boing Boom Tschak"
  2. "Techno Pop"
  3. "Musique Non-Stop"
  4. "The Telephone Call"
    "House Phone" (2009 remaster only)
  5. "Sex Object"
  6. "Electric Café"

Lyrics (en - de)

"Sex Object" (Germany: "Sex Objekt") is a song by Kraftwerk from the album Electric Café (since re-released as Techno-Pop).


The song begins with the echoing words "Yes, no, yes, no" (Germany: "Ja, nein, ja, nein") before the melody comes in and spoken lyrics. The "Yes, no" motif returns throughout the song.

Throughout the song, worlds in various languages express timidity ("No! Yes! Why?") before progressing to acceptance ("Maybe, perhaps, now!, yes!").