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"Boing Boom Tschak"
From Electric Café
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1982-1986
Length 2:57
Genre Electronic
Electric Café
track listing
  1. "Boing Boom Tschak"
  2. "Techno Pop"
  3. "Musique Non-Stop"
  4. "The Telephone Call"
    "House Phone" (2009 remaster only)
  5. "Sex Object"
  6. "Electric Café"


"Boing Boom Tschak" (German title unchanged) is the opening track to the six-track album Electric Café (now titled Techno Pop, re-released with seven tracks).


The song's lyrics are very simple: the onomatopoeia words "Boing", "Boom", "Tschak", "Peng", "Zong", and "Psst" are used to create music; the first three in this list are the opening lines in the song, hence the track's title. Later, more traditional synthetic rhythms and then melodic tunes come in, as well as conventional lyrics: "Music non stop, technopop", that are made by text to speech synthesizers.

Industrial themes and sounds can be heard in portions of the song. The end of the song segues into the beginning of the next song: "Techno Pop", in which the industrial theme is expanded upon.

German release[]

The version on the German release of Electric Café is unchanged.