From Tour de France Soundtracks
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1983-2003
Length 5:04
Genre Electronic
Single release
Format CD, Vinyl 12"
Released 15 March 2004
Tour de France Soundtracks
track listing
  1. "Prologue"
  2. "Tour de France Étape 1"
  3. "Tour de France Étape 2"
  4. "Tour de France Étape 3"
  5. "Chrono"
  6. "Vitamin"
  7. "Aerodynamik"
  8. "Titanium"
  9. "Elektro Kardiogramm"
  10. "La Forme"
  11. "Régéneration"
  12. "Tour de France"


"Aerodynamik" is a track from the album Tour de France Soundtracks. The song features twanging metallic sounds and fluttering chords.
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